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Relax like never before

Ignite your senses with the experience of music, color, and aromatherapy. Also, enjoy state-of-the-art Gyms and full-service Beauty Centers. Roman hammam and aromatherapy; women’s sauna/men’s sauna; body massages & facial treatments; day packages/flexible 3-day packages; fitness centers. Confidential lifestyle information was provided to each guest to let us know about their medical history.

Experience profound relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness in abundance! Surrender to the experienced hands of spa therapists and let go.

Select among a series of facials and body treatments from the extensive spa menu and enjoy! For maximum results, design your package (half-day or full-day) by talking with one of the therapists about your personal needs and preferences.

SPA Package

Skin Scrub

per hour

Achieve inner tranquility with a Shine Spa body treatment. Sumptuous ingredients coalesce with a healing touch to create a selection of body treatments sure to unleash the satin in your skin.

SPA Package

Relax Theraphy

per 2 hours

Inspired by the spirit of the sea and nature, this glowing treatment combines refreshing movements and purifying natural creations to restore your vitality and peace of mind.

SPA Package

Body Massage

per 2 hours

Rediscover the ancient art of aromatherapy and experience the healing powers of essential oils as we help you journey towards total relaxation, and help to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

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